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Asian x-games finals results

Well, you are probably wondering if it rained today…….it didn’t, so it was go-time for the finals! I was glad to skate again but didn’t want to lose my 6th place. Jami and I just prayed for God’s will to happen.

Below: Chris van der Merwe in the warm ups before the finals

Last night we ate some chicken and my stomach started feeling bad about 20mins after that. This morning I went to the stadium where the X-Games is being held with a body that is not feeling ready to skate a competition. Jami and I prayed and just believed that I would be ready when the warm ups start. They delayed the competition with an hour because of last night’s rain that they needed to dry on the the course. By the time the warm ups started I was feeling way better and ready to roll.

Below: Finals warm up time

In the finals was two heats of 5 skaters, I was in the second heat. I didn’t really watch the first heat intensely and I didn’t know what the competitors’ scores was. You get 4 runs of 45 seconds. I messed up my first run, then landed a safe run in my second go. In my third and fourth run I tried to step up the level a bit but messed up in both runs. The top 5 went through to the last final which I knew I didn’t make. So Jami and I was just hoping and praying from that point on that I would remain in my previous placing, 6th place.

After the contest I really wanted to be a bit angry for not landing the more difficult run I wanted to do, then Jami just said, “Chris, remember that we said we are going to praise God no matter what happens.” Then we prayed and just thanked God for an awesome time and that we would be happy with whatever the outcome might be but also that it would be really nice to remain in 6th place but still let His will be done coz  His will is perfect. Well, God is always good and we can just be stoked with what He gives us because He knows best. Thank you Lord!!!!

Below is the final results:

10. Kirill Galushko (RUS)

9. Diego Guilloud (SUI)

8. Pascal Morasse (CAN)

7. Chien Kai aka Killa K (TPE)

6. Chris van der Merwe (RSA)

5. Chris Haffey (USA)

4. Yuto Goto (JPN)

3. Worapoj Boonnim aka Note (THA)

2. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN)

1. Jeff Stockwell (USA)


Asian x-games prelims results

Below: Jeff Stockwell and Chris van der Merwe on the Asian X-Games Street Course 2012

My wife and I came to Shanghai feeling awful. Weirdly enough we both got a cold/flu the night before our flight and suffered a bit on the plain to China.  To top that we also had a big fight the night before the flight. Jami and I just realised that this is just the devil wanting to steal our joy and make this whole trip miserable. Well we just decided to pray and also asked others to pray and the trip this far (3rd day in Shanghai) has been really blessed. So thanks to all the great people who supports us and prayed for us.

Below: The Asian X-Games Street Course 2012

Today was the prelims with 22 athletes from around the world. The street course was really hard for me to skate coz the ramps are really big (which I’m not used to) so I didn’t have the best confidence.  It also felt like I didn’t sleep at all last night. This morning my wife and I just consecrated the day to the Lord and prayed for His will to be done. I felt good during warm ups and was still working on some tricks when Azikwe Anderson (a well respected person in the rollerblading industry) called me aside. He gave me some good pointers and advice that really built up my confidence. I’m sure he was sent by God even though he maybe didn’t realise it himself. I ended up doing one clean, kinda simple run and messed the others up a bit. Afterwards Jami and I was not sure if I would make the finals but we just knew God’s will would happen……..and here are the prelim top 10 results:

10. Kirill Galushko (RUS) 69.33

9. Diego Guilloud (SUI) 69.33

8. Pascal Morasse (CAN) 75.00

7. Chien Kai aka Killa K (TPE) 76.00

6. Chris van der Merwe (RSA) 76.33

5. Yuto Goto (JPN) 80.00

4. Worapoj Boonnim aka Note (THA) 80.33

3. Chris Haffey (USA) 81.00

2. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN) 83.33

1. Jeff Stockwell (USA) 85.33

The finals will be tomorrow although there is a good chance for rain. If it rains out the prelim results will count for the finals. Whatever happens we are just truly grateful!


I2B at the Asian X Games

Chris and his wife have the privilege to be in China from 26April-1May 2012. Chris will be competing in the Asian X-Games Aggressive Inline Skating devision and his wife, Jami, will be by his side supporting him.  This is likely to be Chris’s last Asian X-Games. Please pray for their travels and that they may shine God’s love where they go. Below is Chris and Jami on the train in Hong Kong before they take their flight to Shanghai where the X-Games is being held.

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