The I2B Year End Cup 2018

The I2B Year End Cup was a great success. Most club members made it to the event and we really worked hard to get the I2B skatepark fixed up and ready for the day.

We wanted to move the fence for spectators to watch the competition but we decided to just build a raised stand for them to sit on.

Below are the before and after pics of the I2B bowl:

Thank you to Kingdom Longboards for these awesome medals!

Here are the top 3 intermediate rollerbladers:

W4C Training

We are really fortunate to have received leadership training from surf NGO, Waves4Change (W4C). We took four of our I2B coaches to the training session in Muizenberg. We ended the session with a “lekker”, enormous chicken gatsby!

We also had a very informative learning exchange session with W4C founder, Tim Conibear. Thank you Tim for all your guidance and wisdom. We have already learnt so much and are looking forward to learn more!