As many might know, Fanie finished his athletics career after winning a bronze medal in the 100m T37 class at the Brazil Paralympics last year in September. Fanie and his brother, Chris, were co-founders of Inspired 2 Become in 2010. He now works full-time under Inspired 2 Become where he runs the athletics for youth with disabilities program as well as I2B Wood. We are extremely excited to see what the year will hold for him and his athletes!

In order to support his full-time programs, we are currently wanting to put a new team of people together who’s hearts are to take hands in developing the youth. Not everyone has the time to be on the ground with children and, on the other hand, not everyone has the finances to run programs. That is why team effort is key.

Some people who join the team can only commit to R50 or R100 a month, and that is still a real blessing! With supporters/team members being committed, it also helps with the planning and long term sustainability of our projects (we are currently doing athletics for youth with disabilities, educational therapy, surf, skim, skate clubs and ChristianSkatersAfrica).