The I2B Skatepark in Somerset West

The I2B Skatepark is the main skatepark of Inspired2Become. At the end of each year, all the skate clubs come together at this park to take part in the I2B Year End Competition.


The park is built out of wood and metal and needs constant maintenance work. We therefore need a lot of wood, metal and volunteers to help with the maintenance and the upgrading of the park.

Godfrey Wenn has been the supervisor at the¬†Inspired2Become Skatepark’s for the past 2 years. He has been loyal, trustworthy and a great help in looking after the younger skaters and doing general maintenance work.

Our vision for the I2B Skatepark is to expand into a family friendly environment. We would love to add a skimboarding pool, picnic benches and a coffee shop in the future.

The I2B Cloetesville Skatepark

This park holds many challenges as previous ramps have been vandalized and stolen. Our aim is therefore to build a cement skatepark on the tennis courts in Cloetesville. We need to resurface the area after which we can then start building the cement ramps.

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